Saturday, May 5, 2012

Starting on a new frontier

Have you ever been sitting there thinking "if only there was a program that did that." Well I ran into that the other day and decided it was time to actually sit down and learn some C#. I've dabbled very little in the past but never really had an end goal of what I wanted the program to do so I always got bored with it. Plus since I don't do it often I kept forgetting everything that I learned. This time I have a clear goal in mind, pretty simple actually.
The program will provide some text boxes that will take user input and then take an XML file and display some data that the user can change options on with the user input data and provide an output that will change data in a database. This need arose from having to change the rollup times for metrics in a monitoring program.
So far I have created the main interface, a calculator that converts time measurements into other measurements, such as X minutes into hours, seconds, milliseconds, etc. I have also created a DataGrid that pulls in the data from the XML file. I have to learn Linq to narrow my data in the DataGrid.
I will update this post with the different pieces that I will need to learn and how I went about obtaining my results.
Stay Tuned.

UPDATE: It seems like when you really want to start getting into something everything else picks up. I haven't been able to dig into the programming as much as I wanted. I've done some interface work in Visual Studio but haven't gotten down into the nitty gritty. I hope to in the next week or so, please stay tuned a little longer.

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